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What we do

25 years of experience in creating strategy in (new) business and Human Resources. We are creative, dedicated and speak out clearly. Focussed on your vison we help you develop your strategy and realise impact. Our approach is characterized by challenging leadership and triggering ownership in your company. Making sure nobody chickens out or acts as a one trick pony. Excelling in business is not about luck or simple hard work. It's you and your people working smart together.

Why we care

We believe that people ultimately make (or break) your business. Our fascination for companies succeeding in change and developing (new) business, have made us wonder what makes one company more succesful over the other. And is there an evidence based 'one way' road to succes? Through business experience in all kind of settings and working with groups, models and business techniques, we came to at least one important conclusion. Developing (new) business and making organizational changes work, is all about connecting people to the business. Our daily drivers are helping leaders focus on the intended business impact, while dealing with the implications of change. In search of a natural balance in which leaders inspire people in an intellectual and emotional way and realize ownership throughout the company. Succesfully connecting the 'dots' is what we love to do.


Originated from an Egyptian father and English mother I was born and raised in The Netherlands . I am happily married to Chantal and the proud father of Julian and Danne.

My son Julian is multiple handicapped and in attention and care our ultimate endurance. During the years he has become my life inspirator. Opening my eyes to see that life is how you take it and what you make of it.


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